It's even worse than it appears.
Poll: Who is Elon Musk most like?#
All they talk about on Clubhouse is Clubhouse. #
I have never been asked a tough question by a reporter. #
Some people misunderstood yesterday's post and sent codolences. I was just observing that this is what's going on around us. If I have personal news that I want to disclose publicly, I will be much more direct about it. 60 Minutes had a segment last night on just this subject, by coincidence. For some people who lose people they are close to, it never will return to normal. I suspect it won't for any of us. #
I'm waiting for the mass arrests of the people who attacked the Capitol. I have heard that locally the courts just think it was a joke. We need to make it clear this is not a joke. Long prison sentences. People begging for forgiveness, saying they thought it was a game. #
I remember as a young child of eight or nine, my father told me when we saw the Beatles, on the Ed Sullivan show, that their hair wasn’t real. They wore wigs, he explained. I told him that I thought he was wrong.#
We should study how QAnon delivered its story, and do what they did, except put out the truth instead of made up stuff. The truth is strange enough. Whatever they did it worked, and I have to say the people who I've heard talk about it seem pretty sane to me.#
Today's song: Babylon Sisters.#
This is not a request for support. If Spectrum had decent customer service they could probably get me to subscribe again. But last time I had to wait an hour on hold to talk to a rep to cancel my free trial to a service that wasn't well-explained on their site. That said, they have service that's a lot cheaper than the unbundled version, because you have to buy everything twice just to get CNN and MSG because of exclusive deals they've made. I guess the old cable companies are grandfathered in?#
The supposedly legit press is making the lunatic from Georgia into a major political force in the US. And they have the chutzpah to say social media is destroying the political system of the US. Why don't we all get together and wake the fuck up to how this works. #


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