It's even worse than it appears.
There is a consensus among scientists that Covid will be with us basically forever. It will not be eradicated, it will continue to evolve, circumventing our vaccines, which will have to evolve too. It will kill approximately 10 times more people than the seasonal flu, and will make people a lot sicker for a lot longer. It may mutate into something less damaging, but it might go the other way too. No one knows. The probability of a return to what we used to consider normal is zero. So maybe no more movies or restaurants, in-person spectator sports, theater, art museums, bowling, singing, long distance travel. The smarter we are and the more we work together the less damage the virus can do. It eats "deeply polarized" cultures, like ours. #
Political journalism is as broken as the Republican Party. Of course you'll never hear about that in the news. And there will be no discussions on CNN or MSNBC on how to work around their brokenness. The system self-perpetuates until it collapses, which is has been doing lately.#


Last update: Tuesday February 2, 2021; 12:07 PM EST.

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