It's even worse than it appears.
Poll about who you mute replies from on Twitter. #
Braintrust query: Longstanding problem with PagePark, my homebrew web server, when an app on one machine makes a call to an app running on the same machine, where PP is the server. It gets a connection refused error. #
A little computer design/philosophy. Everywhere you look on a computer you see the same pattern repeating itself. Folders, sub-folders, files. If you're looking for it you see it everywhere. So why not have one really great browser for such structures, and use it everywhere. That way when you add a feature to the core, it improves everywhere. I think very quickly the computer itself would become simpler. BTW, this was the basic idea behind outliners. We never got close enough to putting code "in ROM" to complete the vision. But that was the idea. #
A favorite recent Twitter feature: I can filter replies so I only see, by default, replies from people I follow. It has made Twitter more civil for me. But it has a downside, that I realize when I reply to someone who doesn't follow me. They probably can't see my idea.#
The mountain after the blizzard. #


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