It's even worse than it appears.
The Democrats show what they do for the people when they have power. Let's hope they can market this for all it's worth. A few dollars spent now on marketing will equal many millions in the midterm campaign. This is a whole-of-party thing. Not just a whole-of-government thing.#
I see why Marc Andreessen, an investor in Clubhouse, might not want journalists using the system. Journalism wants money from tech, they campaign for it, in their output, openly, in their hit pieces on tech, that are generally off-target. There are a lot of things to be critical of tech for, but the NYT and Maddow, two who I follow, don't have an idea. Why don't products like Clubhouse come from the journalism business. If they're so demanding of tech, compete. Show us how to do it. If Clubhouse is going to be a unicorn, it's still early days. #
It seems to me Clubhouse might be achieving the vision of Hypercamp. Made possible by the pandemic. I think maybe the pandemic will be something like a moon mission, it's forcing a kind of development that would have had to wait otherwise. #
Thanks to the braintrust, once again have figured it out. In the docs for PagePark we ask them to map port 80 requests to port 1339 using the iptables command. But the routing was only going one way. When an outside request was coming into the server. For requests made going out of the server, the same mapping must apply. And that fixed the problem. Now I have to update the docs. 💥#
Maybe the proper amount of daily blog is "just enough."#


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