It's even worse than it appears.
Poll: Suppose you were a columnist at the NYT and you thought their firing Donald McNeil was a bad thing. What would you do? #
Bruce Springsteen in Jeep's Super Bowl commercial. #
The promise of the web, twitter, etc for journalism is it's supposed to give the people a voice in the news. So far that has not happened. That has been the core of the clumsy argument we're having about Facebook. Users like it, because it gives us a voice. I think though journalism hasn't been clear about it, even to themselves, that's why they don't like Facebook. It encroaches on their exclusivity.#
I like Mary Trump. There's a long interview with her on the new Politicology podcast. She talks about the torture we're all experiencing and the huge trauma it will leave us with, all of us, at hopefully some time in the future, when the crazyness is behind us. #


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