It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday February 11, 2021; 10:05 AM EST
  • I have never watched The Mandalorian, never wanted to. I saw the big comeback Star Wars movie a few years ago and was bored. All the comic book movies are boring. So I have no idea who the actress is who got cancelled, I don't know what she said. But the reaction to her being fired is huge and obnoxious, as usual. So I know it's wrong. Whatever she said, the response is not appropriate to the offense. It's like one of those cytokine storms that kills you when you get Covid. #
  • In other words, she's been fired, you won, you can shut up now. #
  • It's supposedly all about your feelings. But that's bullshit, right? It's really about power. You like being part of a mob. It's primal. It's probably the same rush the people who invaded the Capitol got. You didn't get sad and depressed, you were excited.#
  • The Trumpers say they don't give a fuck about your feelings. That gets them hot, and I bet it gets you hot too. The conflict is what you love, right? Here's your chance to have power over someone else. #
  • I am a big fan of Donald McNeil. i've read everything i can get my hands on about his cancelling by the NY Times. There isn't much out there. They say 150 staffers at the NYT wrote a letter where they say that he said a word that makes them feel bad and because of that McNeil must go. And he is gone. #
  • Balance that against the huge good that keeping him at the NYT does for people who want to be informed about the pandemic. His interview of Anthony Fauci on the Daily podast was amazing. i don't doubt that he saved people's lives in the last year in the podcasts he did and the reports he wrote in the Times. i don't know if he saved my life, but it's possible. I was thirsty to know what was going on, and he has been learning about this his entire career. And he knows how to explain things. Really powerful stuff, right up there with Fauci. He was cancelled. no transparency, no consideration of anyone outside their elite bubble at the NYT. They're royalty so their feelings rule. #
  • So we replace one Trump with another. #
  • Please just stop. #


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