It's even worse than it appears.
Friday February 12, 2021; 11:40 AM EST
  • Next week I'm getting the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. #
    • I had mild side-effects with the first shot, which I got on January 20, also Inauguration Day. I expect it to be worse this time, but I'm excited and a little disoriented by the new reality. #
    • A couple of weeks later, say by March 3, according to the science, I will be at 95% immunity. This means the probability of me getting infected, everything else constant, is only 5% of what it was before January 20.#
    • A bit of info I don't have -- if I were to get infected would it be less likely to be severe or deadly?#
    • Of course I'm going to continue to be masked. I ordered some new Docker brand masks for the event. #
    • What should I risk after immunity? Go to the movies? Drive down to the city, just to get some bagels perhaps or ride a CitiBike in Central Park? These would seem very exotic now. #
    • It's been 1.5 years since I've been to a city larger than Kingston, NY. I'm actually quite happy about that. I like life in the mountains. #
    • Suggestion to movie theater owners. Offer 1/2 price to anyone who is fully vaccinated. Or Olive Garden, or Applebee's.#
    • And yes this is yet another boomer privilege. It's fair to hate me but only for this. 🚀#


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