It's even worse than it appears.
Good morning sports fans!#
Back in the late 80s I started a company called UserLand. My second company. I knew that was going to be the name when I was running my first, Living Videotext. It was named after the tech. By the time I was ready for the second, I came to believe that every company is about the users, not the tech, hence UserLand. 33 years later, I feel the same way, only more so. #
Software people from the 80s will probably find this search engine of Esther Dyson's RELease 1.0 newsletter that Steve Williams wrote. Look at all the references to ThinkTank and UserLand. #
  • I hoped that when Ben Smith wrote about the Donald McNeil firing at the NYT, he'd look at the media angle, not the internal chaos at the NYT. I guess maybe in a sense that is media? It's an old story, honestly I think only journalism insiders care. I don't.#
  • McNeil was like Jeremy Lin in 2012 and the NYT was the Knicks. Right person at the right place at the right time. And (oddly) the NYT did the same thing with McNeil that the Knicks did with Lin. Weird how that works. Someone should write a book. ;-)#
  • What mattered with Lin and what matters with McNeil is that the users love them. You should check that out. I could go into great detail, but honestly that's not my job. I'm a user and actually a longtime fan of both the Knicks and the NYT. #
  • Ask the NYT reporter who covers the Knicks now. They're doing great. They have a bunch of Jeremy Lins now. Somehow they figured out their business. The NYT imho is drifting further and further away from it. #
  • The combo of McNeil and the Daily podcast was gold. Why did they break up the team? Ben, that would be a story worthy of you. Again imho. A fan. Dave#

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