It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday February 21, 2021; 11:10 AM EST
  • My friend Jeff Jarvis is going on CNN shortly to talk about Google, Facebook, Australia and Murdoch. #
  • Had a thought. Simple arithmetic. There was a fantastic boom, blogging made a lot of stuff happen. Where did it all go? The thesis from journalism seems to be all that is over, ancient history. I think the evidence is to the contrary. Blogging reshaped the world. Not only for good, of course. #
  • Journalism plays a magic trick, ignoring the changes, and the good, and only focusing on how the new tech (yes it still is new) can be used for evil. #
  • Perhaps possibly because of their conflict of interest.#
  • Jarvis is going on with Brian Stelter who I understand got his start in blogging. So it would be interesting if Jeff asked him a question. Do you think the flow is just one way, from journalism to Facebook, or perhaps something more is going on. #
  • My thesis is that blogging may be somewhat vestigial, may be a virtual dinosaur, but its genes are still in ciculation, the equivalent of online birds. #

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