It's even worse than it appears.
The ThreadViewer docs are ready. #
Well haha I believe I have all the issues worked out with the ThreadViewer app. Here's my test thread, viewed in ThreadViewer. #
BTW the people who said I'd like Ted Lasso were right. I'm through episode 4 now. Hooked. I thought at first it was like Brockmire, but later realized it's actually more like The Good Place. #
Earlier today the NYT published an editorial about Cuomo saying: "The governor has lost his political allies and the public’s confidence." There's no question about the first part, lots of Democratic office-holders in New York have called for him to resign. But there are no polls that show that he's lost the confidence of the voters. For a few days last week I thought it was over, he should resign, because they're never going to let him be a functioning governor again. But I get an email from him every day, and he's going forward with the business of helping New Yorkers deal with the pandemic. Without him, we'd be as adrift as every other state. So I say, stay in office Governor Cuomo. Let the investigation run its course, let the people see, clearly, what the charges are, and how they're substantiated, and then we'll talk. The idea that such a huge decision that has so much affect on New Yorkers, should be made in a rush, without our participation — no one has made that case yet. This is our decision to make, collectively. Times editors get one vote, the same as every other voter in New York. And imho, it's wrong for them to say the public is losing confidence and then offer no evidence to back that up. #
I wonder if they have arguments within the NYT Editorial Board about whether or not "the public" is something they can fudge. When they say "the public" is losing confidence in the governor, should they back that up with data, or just say it because it feels right to them.#

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