It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday March 16, 2021; 12:19 PM EDT
  • Sad moment. I was doing a lookup for a bit about a programmer of my generation, I wanted to write about some of his ideas. I found they had a lot about him in the Computer History Museum. I started looking around at the other people they interviewed. I knew all of them, they knew me. But for some reason my ideas and my work are not part of their record. #
  • Why? Probably because I was the main blogger in Silicon Valley in the early days of the web. You've seen how they respond to journalism. How do you think they felt about one of their own writing publicly about what he thought of what they were doing. I was hoping they would join me. That's how I develop. By doing. And then building the software to support what I'm doing. That imho is part of the history that belongs in the Computer History Museum. #
  • I think they must be missing a good 50 percent of the story. The literature of the web. They didn't understand how these were not just personal computers we were developing, they were personal publishing machines. Now in hindsight, they should adjust the image they're trying to project into the future. These machines were used for something they have never appreciated. #

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