It's even worse than it appears.
I've been doing a lot of work on web scripting for the last few months. Put everything else aside. I think I'm ready to create a small subset of Frontier that runs in the cloud. Basic components are outlining of course, twitter and a cloud-based file system. Scripts run from a user-editable menu as they did in Frontier. Still major things to work out, it's probably months away. But I might start sharing little bits of the work I'm doing, to get discussions going, esp with Frontier alums. The language is JavaScript, but here's the thing -- we don't need callbacks for asynchronous operations, it flows just like any other language. Andrew Shell figured out the escape from callbacks, that was what convinced me that you could make a scripting system based on JavaScript. BTW, the codename for the project is Drummer. #
Drummer is to Frontier as Little Outliner is to MORE. #
In the Roam world, which I am following, they document their workflows. Come up with best practices. This is really eye-opening for me. Inspired me to do a quick writeup of how I manage my development projects using an outliner. #
One curious thing from working on Drummer: I like working on verb docs. I find it relaxing, satisfying, rewarding. I just realized why. I'm writing a book. At the top level the structure is rigid. I like working within such a structure. By verb docs, I mean docs like what you see on DocServer from Frontier, which is still running, btw. The difference is this time I'm writing the docs. Last time I didn't have the energy to do it, but now it's the structure for my review of various aspects of the system. Reading the verb docs you'll know I went through that verb's functionality before release. Of course I'm also documenting the bugs. #

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