It's even worse than it appears.
In this seat-of-the-pants demo I show you how to post a single tweet or a thread from within Little Outliner.#
If I could make everyone listen to one episode of one podcast it would be this one. It's from 2017 and explains how Ukraine dealt with Russian fake news attacks. Everything Putin is doing in the US, he did first in Ukraine. Ukraine, like us, had high ideals about free speech and censorship. Eventually they came to the correct conclusion. At the first sign of trolling, shut them down. In the US today we should have no misgivings about having deprived Trump of his global platform. Let him build his own. It'll work much better. People will only have to hear from him if they want to. #
  • People keep forgetting we know why the Repubs are trying to destroy American democracy. They sold out to Putin. So when the Repubs do something hostile to the US, remember it's not their idea, it's Putin's.#
  • Repub Senators spend July 4, 2018 in Moscow.#

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