It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday April 6, 2021; 11:05 AM EDT
  • I started writing this email to John Naughton re his recent Memex daily posts, but I thought both of us being public writers, I should just post it here and send a pointer. So here goes. #
    • John, I've been following the story of the strange URLs from your Substack newsletter. I also appreciated your telling how you produce your newsletter by copy/pasting from WordPress into Substack. I bet 90 percent of Substack's text comes in this way. And that's what this letter is about. #
    • I've been asking them to automate that part for you via an API or RSS, or whatever they specify, to remove the copy/paste step from your publication workflow. I am deliberately being a squeaky wheel, hoping that writers who use Substack will join in.#
    • Basically, it should be possible to hook your writing tool directly to both WordPress and Substack.#
    • I would have used Substack myself if it weren't for this limit. As a writer, I want to eliminate steps, to make my writing more effortless. Publishing an idea takes too many steps, as a result, a lot of ideas don't get out. #
    • I want to have a better flow on the web as a writer, and I think if other writers knew what was possible they'd want it too, and hopefully they would write about it. You wrote about it yesterday! ;-)#
    • JN, writers have a lot more power imho than they think. Esp in the early days of a service like Substack. They are listening to you. They know they depend on you. If enough writers wanted a feature, they would implement it. That's how development works. #
    • Please consider writing something yourself about eliminating copy/paste-to-publish step. There's a lot of power trapped in that limit. #
    • Dave#
    • PS: A feature request for permalinks in Substack.#

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