It's even worse than it appears.
I was begging MSNBC to have Kornacki do Covid at the board. Now finally he's doing it. This. Will. Work.#
Peter Kafka writing in Vox said today that Apple "more or less invented podcasting." This is the kind of dishonest bullshit reporting that I'm always railing about. Anyway this inspired a longish thread on Twitter this morning, All I can say is 1. Oy and 2. Check out Walter Isaacson's podcast about the origins of podcasting. Glad to finally have a credible historian on the record on this. Kafka and Vox you should run a retraction. What people don't get about podcasting, it was a product. Marketed as such. But not with a financial model attached to it. We wanted to create new media, without barriers to entry, so the people could participate. 20 years later and I have to say that actually worked. Reporters don't respect any tech accomplishment that didn't generate a few billionaires (they should, there might be more if they did), but I made a bunch of money in the early tech industry, and I didn't feel very motivated to make more. I learned about what money can and can't do. Up to a point it's great, it buys your freedom, after that, there are limits to consumption, having good friends and fun is more important. And sex, that's important too. Anyway, I'm proud of our accomplishments with podcasting, even if reporters and Apple generally don't care. #
Another thing I'm proud of is having bet $50K on $AAPL in 1998. #
Glad the jurors arrived at the correct verdict, and a white cop has been convicted of murdering a black citizen. I do think tech deserves some of the credit. In the past, without a witness with a phone, it would have been the cops' word against the people's. #
The press release appears to be gone from the MPD website, but has a copy, via the WP, with a postscript saying the event was being investigated by the FBI. John Elder is the author. #
When you see the press release on George Floyd's death, you can see evidence that the cops colluded to tell a lie. In other words, Chauvin should not be the only cop going to jail. #
Journalists are so down on tech, but once they were fans of the snake oil. They still are, selectively, blockchain can do no harm, of course it does, look at how much carbon it liberates. And tech is helping expose the criminality of police. An obvious good.#
David Rothkopf: The GOP is worried about cancel culture? Wait until they hear about history.#

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