It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday May 25, 2021; 11:31 AM EDT
  • I listened to Joe Trippi's podcast today. An interview with Greg Sargent of the Washington Post, who I read and think is smart. #
  • Trippi said what's obvious -- we're pretty fucked. #
  • He didn't say this part: At this moment we're not out of options. But they all require doing something that will provoke the ire of Trumpkins. So far the Democrats have not wanted to provoke them. #
  • This is when Democrats throw their hands in the air and give up. It's what they do on cable news, it's what they do in editorial board meetings at the great news orgs (when they're not fussing over who's woke enough to remain). It's what Democratic incumbents do. It's what instant pundits on Twitter do. #
  • What to do? I give up!#
  • Here's the common thread:#
    • 1. We're soooo fucked.#
    • 2. What can we do? #
    • 3. Throw hands in the air. #
    • 4. Give up.#
  • Upsetting the Trumpians is inevitable and if done at the right time, probably survivable. It's better to provoke them now rather than later. Now we have a rule of law government. If you let things run their course, when it happens a Trump will run the government. Nothing you or I do or say will matter. If you make too much of a stink you'll go to jail, or worse. #
  • What a sad situation, where the people with a voice correctly parse the situation and then give up. #
  • Maddow did the same thing last night. Here's the problem, she spends 20 minutes prepping us. Then: what do we do? She may have an idea, but she doesn't say. Totally useless. Get out of the way. Time to say the truth or resign. #
  • The truth: The civil war is not just inevitable, it's here. #

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