It's even worse than it appears.
How ranked-choice vote counting works. It's not complicated.#
If you don’t believe we’re a racist country, ask yourself when people of color ever tried to stop white people from voting.#
A new version of PagePark has a more powerful mirrors feature. #
The problem isn't Manchin or the filibuster. The news is that Repubs are planning, openly, the destruction of the American political system, turning the US into Russia, with vast wealth to be looted. The question is wtf are we going to do -- now. #
  • Last time it was an open podcast, this time an open email. #
  • Joe, I listened to your interview with Michael Cohen. really liked the negotiating with hostages idea. It's true, they are hostages, and it made me stop and think because at first i thought you said hostage-takers. #
  • Working to get Dems elected is not enough. The Democratic Party is in the way. It might be better to run ads attacking them first. To establish that something unusual is going on, that the Dems are weak and disorganized and not the answer.#
  • There's no way in a two-party system if one party disintegrates, that the other party doesn't also fall apart.#
  • In order to compete with the Repubs, which we have to do, the Democratic Party has to be pushed into the background.#
  • We need an answer to Donald Trump. It's not as Michelle Obama said when they go low we go high. That's wrong. we need to go lower. Sorry. This isn't church, you don't get to heaven by being pious.#
  • Michael Cohen has some of what's needed. I really liked what he said about driving sign trucks through neighborhoods stating obvious truths that everyone knows that they never say on TV. It's a brilliant idea. He's a brilliant guy. #
  • I don't think the Lincoln Project is the right banner for you to fly under. No matter what they do they identify as Republicans. i don't know if you're a basketball fan but that's like saying the 76ers or Nets should lead us in our quest to win the title. (Both have been eliminated). They are brilliant advertisers, but they are not leaders because they have the Republican stink on them.#
  • We need someone strong, believable, and most important new.#
  • BTW, someone who has leadership qualities -- Stacey Abrams. I found when she endorsed Joe Manchin's election reform platform I had to go look at it. Because I trust her and believe in her intelligence. #
  • Do a podcast with her Joe, ask her what we should be doing now. I'd listen to that one. #

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