It's even worse than it appears.
In the early days of the web there were mind bombs everywhere.#
Brandon has broken through, a total server-land neophyte, broke through via pure persistence. He followed the example of my PagePark installation on Glitch, is using the mirrors feature in PP to render outlines from LO2. He is motivated and I am inspired. #
My tweet about GitHub yesterday got a fair amount of attention. I'm glad, because the idea is powerful and works. Further if GitHub/Microsoft made this a business priority, it could be streamlined for end-users, and be a revenue source, and an incredible developer platform, beyond what it already does. I would love to begin a conversation with MS, privately if they want, to figure out what's possible here. #
I've been reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X, and it's transformative for me. He's talking about whiteness from the point of view of a black man of my parents' generation. I can't agree with some of what he says, he's talking nasty shit about my people, and it's as oppressive as anything anyone says about blacks, even the stuff he quotes. Don't respond to oppression with more oppression. But overriding that is the bigger point, that the United States has been destroying the lives of black people since inception. I just spent 18 minutes with the flipside of Malcolm X, a white academic, John Biewen, explaining what it means to be white, in the same context as that which X describes, but from from the other side of the relationship. I think if you watch this video, it'll be the most transformative 18 minute video experience you've had in a long time. #
Our ancestors were slaves, no matter your skin color, or where your ancestors came from. This is a mind bomb that has yet to go off in the brains of white Americans. But it must.#
The source of all our problems is that our government is controlled by stupid, mean, willfully ignorant rich assholes.#
Good morning sports fans! The NBA finals resume tonight, I'm actually going to miss basketball when it's over. But then the Olympics start, and after that my attention will finally turn to the Mets. I've got the rest of the year planned out. But the weather. Oy does it suck. I know there are droughts and heat domes elsewhere, but here we're living in a constant state of deluge. I take my bike ride every day, rain or shine. I used to skip rainy days but this summer that's not an option because it rains every damned day, and not just drizzle, hours of downpour. And the thunder last night. Who could sleep through that. Not this sports fan. I just want some beautiful warm summer weather. On the other hand the new rose bush I planted really seems to like all the wetness. #
Toaster ovens are now called "air fryers." That's weird, but I just bought one, a Cuisinart, as recommended by Wirecutter. I love it. I've been using it every night, and my eating has become more healthy, and also much tastier. Total win.#
  • Let's see. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg recommend this new Bic lighter because it's great for lighting candles, and more! Haha omg. Lol. 😄#

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