It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday July 22, 2021; 9:56 AM EDT
  • There's something new on Scripting News today -- tags. #
  • When you see a tag reference, click on it to see a list of refs to the same tag. #
  • An example of a tag reference. Click it, see what happens: RSS. #
  • When you hover over a tag ref, it should turn blue. #
  • When you click on one you should see a dialog that looks like this. #
  • If the text in the dialog has tags, you can click on them. #
  • The left and right arrows move back and forth through the tags you've clicked on like the arrows in a browser. #
  • Here's how it works:#
    • When I'm writing, my CMS passes the OPML of today's writing to a new server app called a tag server that scans for tags. A tag is simply text that's enclosed in [[double square brackets]].#
    • When it finds a tag, it adds it to a database, with the following info: the URL of the OPML file it came from, the path to the tag in the outline, the created attribute of the headline it came from in the outline, and the screenname of the author (for now, just me).#
    • Now we can do a query, such as: Find me all the items tagged by davewiner with the term RSS.#
    • And that query can be displayed in a dialog when you're reading the blog.#
  • A quick video demo.#
  • I'll have more to say about this, but first I wanted to introduce the feature so you can try it out. #
  • If you have questions or comments, you can post them in this thread. #

copyright 1994-2021 Dave Winer.

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