It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday August 19, 2021; 8:21 AM EDT
  • I love this quote about RSS in the Vox piece about Apple and other bigco's trying to take over podcasting. #
    • “The beauty of RSS was just publish it and it goes everywhere — it’s just there, and it’s available.” #
  • It says clearly what the faceoff is over.#
    • It's easy to be part of a silo, impossible to be part of all of them. #
    • In the open world, it's easy to be part of all of podcast players, but it's harder to get started, you have to do more for yourself.#
  • Blogging went through the same thing that podcasting is going through now, it was taken apart by Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Medium and lately Substack. You couldn't write in one place and have your writing flow to all of them, the way podcasting works today. They don't agree on what a post is, so no matter what, you'd have to write at least two or three versions of a post. In the end, you just blow them all off, because it isn't worth the trouble and the resulting format is taking the fun out of your thinking and writing process. You aren't getting anything out of it. Not money, not exploration of ideas, not getting other people excited.#
  • There is a sweet spot, it's possible, but you can't wander into it, it has to be done consciously, with a shared vision among devs, or it can't work.#
  • One of the reasons I'm so excited about Tools for Thought is it's a chance to start something new, to use the open principles of established by blogging and podcasting, foster a community of developers, each of whom understand that they're part of an ecosystem, they are not themselves the whole ecosystem. That's the key idea that most developers have yet to embrace. It requires some maturity to understand this idea. #
  • I wonder if any journalists covering the future of podcasting will even consider that it't more than a battleground for big companies.#

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