It's even worse than it appears.
Am I passionate about the idea of a modular newsletter system so writers can use the best editor, the one that fits them best, the one they've been using for decades? Yes, I am. I'll keep beating the drum. I won't stop. That's how I am until I get what I want. 😄#
When will someone launch a newsletter service that lets you use whatever editor you like. I predict that I will support that product in the new editor I'm working on. I don't want to do a newsletter service myself. Let's get something fun started.#
What makes a bug report good? It makes it easy for the dev to reproduce the problem. I have to see it myself to understand what the problem is. Your theory on what the problem is, or judgment on whether you followed the instructions is secondary. #
Unfortunately journalists don't stand for re-election. They are not term-limited. There is no journalism for journalism. Our opinions are not sought. But if we ever do get a chance to vote one of them out in some significant way, I bet a lot of people will line up to do it. I know I will. And I'm not talking about the people on Fox. #
Anyone know how to enter Cmd-/ on a German keyboard?#
  • I don't know if these ads are for real.#
  • A couple of others:#
    • Shut the fuck up.#
    • I don't care about your fucking feelings.#
  • When I was a teenager in NYC many years ago, I would've done something like this.#
  • Have a nice day! 😄#

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