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Sunday September 5, 2021; 10:03 AM EDT
  • A query for Electron devs. #
  • I have been developing Electron apps for five years at least.#
  • I have an Electron version of Drummer for the Mac (to start) almost ready to go, but there are problems with the File dialogs. It feels like a versioning thing? These routines worked fine in earlier software. So I figure what I need to do is get this app building using the latest versions of Electron and the latest build tools. If I recall correctly they change a lot. And it's been a while since I figured out how to do it. When I read their docs for building stuff I feel as lost as I felt when I was just starting out. #
  • Okay, so here's how I build the app currently:#
  • sudo electron-packager . "Electric Drummer" --platform=darwin --arch=all --overwrite --icon=drummer.icns --electron-version=7.1.10 #
  • What should I change to get my build process up to date? #
  • It works, it builds the app, and I've been using it, it's just not the current Electron release and their are quirks with the file dialogs. #
  • Ideally I'd like to not have to learn too much about the Electron release process or versions -- just give me something that works and I can get back to my sprawling codebase. #
  • Here's a thread for comments. Thanks in advance. 😄#

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