It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday September 7, 2021; 11:41 AM EDT
  • I spent about an hour today doing a factoring experiment, taking a promises-based API and transforming it into a callbacks-based API.#
  • Well no surprise they're isomorphic. When you do the translation, you end up with the same thing with different names. #
  • The promises syntax is slightly more compact. A long distance to go and a lot of introduced complexity for very little gain. #
  • It's like getting nice fat clothes instead of just losing the weight. #
  • I have a philosophy in programming, one I thought was stolen from, but actually mis-attributed to Einstein, who ironically said as much in a lot more words.#
    • "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."#
  • This is a basic mathematics thing. They're always looking for a way to find one theorum that encapsulates and makes unnecessaray two or more. A more fundamental truth. The hope is ultimately to have one concise way of saying everything. A Rick and Morty kind of idea. But why do programmers always seem to do the opposite? Solving a problem of too much complexity by adding even more complexity. #
  • I was a math major before I was a programmer, so I find this whole thing super frustrating.#
  • At some point, instigated by Drummer perhaps, I hope we will have a great debate in the JavaScript community where our respected leaders explain to us why we need any of this stuff, and we can't have a language that behaves like all others, where asynchronous bits live underneath the interface that the langauge defines for the programmer.#

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