It's even worse than it appears.
Monday September 13, 2021; 9:55 AM EDT
  • Chrome has done something insidious to break the web a little more. They do this so often, breaking the web seems to be Google's business model. #
  • Here's what they changed. #
    • If you type a domain name into the address bar of the browser, the protocol is hidden. This isn't new, or particularly bad, until they made the next change.#
    • Now instead of automatically generating http as the protocol in the URL, they generate https. #
    • So sites that are running fine appear to be broken. #
  • It happened on a placeholder site to me just now. I was fooled, I immediately thought a server had gone down, and started looking for the outage. Then I was reminded of this trickery Google is doing. I was reminded of how much I hate what Google is doing to the web. They're fighting with me, and weakening the web in a way they have no right to. My site is a perfectly functional web site. It's just a placeholder. No one needs to worry about a "man in the middle" interference. There are no ads on this site. I don't know how else to say it. My choice of protocols is none of Google's business. #
  • That's basically a protection racket. If mobsters were doing it. "Nice little website you have there, be a shame if people couldn't reach it because Google broke the web.#

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