It's even worse than it appears.
Obviously the Repubs want to force Dems to nuke the filibuster to prevent default.#
Poll: Netflix or HBO Max?#
Netflix CEO takes a shot at HBO Max, which makes me think, I can't remember the last time I watched something on Netflix, and I watch HBO Max content all the time. I think they have a deeper and more intelligent base of stories than Netflix, which seems to be skewing toward mindless garbage, although HBO is trying to catch up in that area. #
Repubs are great at organizing. Dems just want money.#
Maybe it's time for someone to take over the Dems and get people organized. The rule-of-law people in the US still vastly outnumber the bombthrowers, at least that's what I hear from journalism.#
Background: "I expected that when the transition started, the Obama campaign website would turn into the White House website, and would continue to organize us."#

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