It's even worse than it appears.
I don't want to jinx anything but Drummer is getting pretty solid. Nothing much will change when the product is available publicly, the process will continue, more fixes and features, more interop. I have a lot of little projects I want to do, all designed to build an open ecosystem of thought tools and their adjuncts. The first verison of Drummer will be a blogging tool and a scripting system. But there will be more of all of it. #
I watched the beginning of Jon Stewart's show on Apple TV. He says he doesn't look well, but he looks fine. I'm not sure this show is going to work. The old JS was confident, sassy even. Certainly never self-conscious. In charge. Comfortable.#
I was mentioned once on The Daily Show when Jon Stewart was hosting it. As a result I was invited to do a BloggerCon at Stanford, the third one. It was a good event. #
As someone who ran a social net long before Facebook booted up, I suspect what we're seeing on FB has less to do with the company and more to do with the scaling up of humanity on social nets. Journalism has made this about one person, Zuck, probably because that's how the journalism works. Kind of like Don Geiss on 30 Rock? #
TFT Hacker is looking for an open source JavaScript outliner, other than Concord. #

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