It's even worse than it appears.
Metacritic was having problems with its SSL certificate, it's so bad that Google won't even let me read the site, even in "advanced" mode. "Your connection might not be private" they warn. Skirting the question: "private from whom?" Google can read every word no matter how much encryption there might be. The press loves to rail on Facebook, but I gotta say Google is dug in deeper than FB. And for some reason they escape the scrutiny of journalists.#
Welcome to October. The monthly ritual is done, the OPML for September is uploaded to the GitHub repo, where interested tools for thought geeks can use it to experiment with interop. There's over four years worth of archives there to play with. Also Drummer testers can see techniques that work in Old School blogs that they may not have seen. #
Facebook tells me today is Jake Savin's birthday. He's a young man, I don't know exactly how young. Jake worked at UserLand on Manila. Oct 1 was also my dear departed uncle's birthday, it would have been his 76th. I miss him every day. He would have loved the web, especially Wikipedia. Ken was always looking stuff up in the Information Please Almanac. Ken's mind would no doubt be blown that cannabis is legal in much of the US, at least the parts of the US you'd want to visit. He grew the best sinsimilla back in the 70s and 80s. I was trying to explain to a friend what that was, to no avail because all weed is seedless these days. Ken had an efficient way of killing off the male plants. He'd cover and uncover his seedlings with a blanket to simulate spring. The tiny baby plants would flower, and thus reveal their gender. Only the female plants produce the resin that humans like so much. 😀#

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