It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday October 5, 2021; 9:55 AM EDT
  • Rant! #
    • The bullshit about Facebook keeps coming. It's not a fucking autocracy, it's a carrier. You could say everything you say about FB about a city like NY. All the companies selling cigarettes were once hq'd in NY. The mayor of NY must be a cancer criminal, right? Such idiots. The journalists have no sense of perspective on what Facebook is. It's hundreds the size of a city like NY. So much happens there. It's created mostly by the people who use it. It's what remains of all the great ideas of networking in the 90s and 00s. A ton of good stuff happens in FB, and a bunch of nasty shit, because -- because Facebook is us -- it's human. Get a fucking grip pundits. You're making asses of yourselves. I tried watching CNN last night. All these people fighting for their own continued existence and to hide the depravity of journalism are desperate to blame FB for fear someone might blame them. I was expecting to see McNamee (longtime friend) on TV last night, thankfully maybe he's gotten a bit of perspective himself, and realizes it isn't just about Zuckerberg. #
  • Plan#
    • How to radically restructure FB.#
    • Separate the users and the content from everything else.#
    • Now figure out what that means and we have a plan. ;-)#

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