It's even worse than it appears.
If we default, the damage to the US economy will be permanent. It won't just be a recession, because we eventually get out of recessions. Poverty will explode. This time the US really will become a third world country. And it won't just cause chaos in the US, it'll be world wide. The media should start explaining what a reserve currency is, how the US dollar is basically the only one, and what advantages it gives us (they're huge). Increasing the debt limit costs us nothing, not even money because we can print the currency we repay our debt with. All the Repub hype about economics is, like everything else they say, a lie. The US isn't a family on a budget, it's the foundation on which the world economy runs. Look at it this way, if your family could repay its debt by writing numbers on a piece of paper, would you worry about how much you owe? That a simple version of the reality for the US and our dollar. #
Facebook is so powerful because Obama shut down his campaign after winning in 2008. The tech industry organized the people around its values, which they were very open about. The Dems could've done it. Any news org could have. I begged them to do it, publicly and privately. Everyone who's complaining now, news people and politicians, punted, had no idea what FB did was possible, didn't listen when they were told. If they wanted their values represented, they should have done it themselves. That's how this works.#
Poll: Which should I get, Tesla or Peloton, neither or both?#
I started watching Maid on Netflix but it was too depressing, and that’s saying something after watching Squid Game straight through.#
  • This image is stark. #
  • Pretty sure it was Photoshopped, so don't take it literally. #
  • But it reminds that there was an earlier attack on the World Trade Center, in 1993, where the attackers tried to take down one of the buildings and failed. In the second attempt, both towers came down. #
  • If this happened with the US Capitol, it would shatter America.#

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