It's even worse than it appears.
12-minute podcast about the new connection between and Drummer. #
Here's the initial post I mentioned in the podcast. #
I hear Dems might lose in Virginia because of voter apathy. Right now the big issues are abortion, COVID, climate and fascism. That’s a pretty good set of issues. Run some freaking ads on social media. Never stop campaigning, every day of every year. #
I was pretty sure the Dodgers would crush the Braves, but wow, the Braves are up 2-0. Gotta love it. I'm sorry if you're a Dodgers fan, but I was born in Brooklyn and people such as myself don't forget. I also remember when Chase Utley broke the leg of the Mets shortstop during the 2015 playoffs. I also remember when I sat in scalped seats during the World Series in 1988, in the Dodgers wives' section and they tried to get us thrown out for rooting for the A's who won, btw. I really feel justified in hating the Dodgers, but honestly even if I wasn't, I would still hate them. 💥#
Meanwhile the NBA season starts tomorrow with a game between last year's champion, the Milwaukee Bucks, and a much-hyped superteam, the Brooklyn Nets. I will be rooting for the Bucks. Superteams suck. #
  • Just before Drummer shipped I sent an email to Manton Reece, the developer and runner of, asking if he was interested in being the first blogging system to hook up with Drummer via the OPML bridge. The same interface we use in Drummer to connect to Old School. #
  • Well here it is. He works fast. 🚀#
  • Just watched the video -- I love how he did it. Beautiful. #
  • Amazing how people are kvelling over Colin Powell.#
  • His speech at the UN was chilling, implying but not directly saying that Iraq had nuclear weapons and was getting ready to use them, and we had no choice but to go to war with him.#
  • It was a lie.#
  • No one would have believed Cheney, Rumsfeld or Rice. They got the only person in the Bush administration who had credibility. If Powell was willing to say this, it must be true, we had to act. #
  • It was a lie. A way to transfer wealth from the US Treasury to the war industry.#
  • When people act naive as they do horrific things, seriously -- he knew what he was doing. Powell wasn't a tool, we were the tools. He abused our trust. And in death he doesn't deserve the acclaim he's getting. Too many people died because of his lie.#

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