It's even worse than it appears.
Wednesday October 20, 2021; 3:48 PM EDT
  • A rambling thread from this morning that somehow fits together.#
  • When people say they love RSS, it's not specifically RSS that they love imho, it's the open format, no-lock-in philosophy of software development. If your data can move around the net effortlessly, that's what you love, and that's what you give up when you use a silo. #
  • One thing you can be sure of, when Zuck announces his new Zuckerverse thing, it'll be locked up and owned by him and his stockholders. #
  • He can't pay all those employees if you're free to move out of his universe any time you want.#
  • There will be lots of eye candy, but he has the only keys to the doors.#
  • Reminds me of a story. In 1980 i went on vacation to Jamaica. #
    • In the cab from Montego Bay to Negril, the driver pointed out a town with lots of new modern-looking shacks. #
    • He said they were a gift from Cuba. #
    • They had front doors, but no back doors. #
    • Think about it. ;-)#
  • I've been very critical of the way journalism covers Facebook, because they miss the human freedom part of the story, which is just as important as the fake news part. But of course journalism is only concerned with the freedom of journalists, not our freedom. In fact journalism would probably prefer if we had no means to speak publicly, if we just got our ideas from them. Only thing is they don't have any ideas. #
  • I'm absolutely 100 percent sure that when they get a chance to kill Zuck's new invention, they will ignore (or miss) the controls over our freedom in his new world. #
  • I'm sure it'll be designed to make the journos happy. #
  • Whether they buy it or not, that's another question. 🚀#

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