It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday November 2, 2021; 2:42 PM EDT
  • After I've taken notes on what I'm thinking about, how to find:#
    • The things I wrote about. (Where did I say that?)#
    • Patterns in my writing.#
    • Threads. I wrote about a topic many times, show them all to me in chronological order.#
  • It shouldn't matter where I took all those notes. Perhaps I used different note-taking apps on my phone, tablet or desktop. Or one year I tried a new note-taking app and then switched back. My ideas are mine, and it's up to me how to use them, and there should be no limits. This is how computers, networks and databases are supposed to work.#
  • It would be tragic if an area with so much promise became another silo controlled by one or two big companies. It's still so early, we have a chance to make this community work better. Our tools for thought should not be controlled by anyone other than ourselves.#
  • An example, I have an archive of outlines going back to mid 2017, one every day, public. They are archived in a GitHub repo. I'd like to see that content in a tools-for-thought database. #
  • When we're there, I'll feel like we're really going somewhere..#

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