It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday November 6, 2021; 12:02 PM EDT
  • Back in the day, when podcasting was new, we talked about "Users and developers party together." There's some new nomenclature to go with that in The Drummer Era which we are now in. Poets and Plumbers. Users and developers. We're all smart, and love to learn, but in different areas and with different results. We multiply each others' work by learning how they think, what they care about, how they explain things. I've heard devs say that users just don't get how this works, only to realize later that their view is valid, and understanding it was key to creating tools they would love. That they would say "this works like I think." When a user says that to you, believe me, it's the best feeling ever. An aside, my own father said that to me about ThinkTank. That was a big moment. So listening and trying to understand can produce fantastic results, and it goes both ways. #

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