It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday November 14, 2021; 6:53 PM EST
  • I wrote this thread on Twitter this morning.#
    • I’ve had a Peloton for a couple of weeks.#
    • I got it so I could exercise when the weather is too nasty to go out for a ride or a walk.#
    • I’ve done classes and rides with no content. I don’t like the classes. The impersonal “you can do I it” motivation is a real turn off. Who the heck are you, and yiu have no clue who I am. Ugh.#
    • Why not have classes where you learn something? Then I’d look forward to it, instead of dreading it.#
    • I’m going to keep trying with the classes. Basically I am already motivated, I love the high I get from exercise. But I wouldn’t mind using the time to learn stuff.#
  • Then this evening I took a class with a teacher I really liked. And it made all the difference. I got a better workout, and I had fun. I even talked back a few times. Totally got into it. Weird. Peloton#

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