It's even worse than it appears.
Friday November 19, 2021; 11:33 AM EST
  • Something I've been hearing from employees of big tech companies for my entire career, going back to the late 70s --> "Who the fuck are you?"#
  • That's what they say and do. So many examples. And almost all of them are gone. They were significant, maybe, for a few weeks. Then poof, some other asshole at some other tech giant comes along, and gets his or her (mostly his) few minutes to be a super asshole. #
  • How much more would we get done if we lived up to the hype about supporting innovation. You can't do a lot of that as some random putz inside of a bigco. #
  • You pretty much have to do what I've done, which is stay out of those monstrous structures, that is, if you want to actually do anything. #
  • And then of course the jerks come along and kick over your sand castle. #
  • And then they're gone in a few weeks. #
  • So far I've survived them all. Knock wood, praise murph, etc. #

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