It's even worse than it appears.
Daytona is a search engine designed for outline-based information, perfect for Drummer. #
Daytona plus OPML-compatible outliners, will make an incredible information tool for lawyers, scientists, all kinds of researchers. #
You can now search for Tesla on this blog. This is soooo sweet. I got what I wanted. It only took 40+ years. 💥#
Braintrust query: Another Regex puzzle. I want to do a simple replacement that's complicated by the constraint that it can't do the replacement inside an HTML element, only in text that's not.#
I have an announcement coming shortly, having solved a problem that I've posed here as a task for Tools For Thought databases, I want to get all the OPML files that I have archived for Scripting News queryable so I can do research on my own writing. I now understand why they couldn't do it, and the solution is remarkably simple, was easy to program and imho blows away the tagging approaches the other TFT apps use. Sometimes you have to start with the use-case, not the technology. And this is a long-term problem that was solved, it goes all the way back to the beginning of outlining. The braintrust query above is for this project. I want it to be just right before showing to you. 💥#
BTW, another advantage of the approach we've used is that it's not just for Drummer. Literally any outliner can participate. I am indexing OPML files that are stored on GitHub. It's impossible to know which outliner they came from.#
  • I like to post a big screen shot of a product on its first day.#

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