It's even worse than it appears.
In a competitive market like Tools For Thought, developers can amplify the value of features to users if they are shared between multiple products. If I create a service that makes just as much sense inside LogSeq just as it does in Drummer, that's not only more functionality for users, it also clearly points to a future that users really want, but don't believe they can have -- fluidity of their data, and independence from any single vendor. They are cynical about tech, and have every right to be, based on experience. They know all about lock-in. Most of them have never experienced the wide-open "blue sky" feeling of the early days of a platform with huge potential. I have experienced that many times, because of when I was born. It's not too late to transform Tools For Thought into that kind of platform. It can be even better than the web, why not -- we come after the web. #

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