It's even worse than it appears.
So much is being written about Don't Look Up. It's really very simple. It's art. What does that mean? It's up to you to decide.#
Part of a larger thread: "All criticism of journalism has to come through journalism. Hence not much gets through."#
  • About eight years ago I sat down to write a bit of software that would let me edit numerous files in a single outline. When I saved the outline they would all update in the various places they were aimed. So with one click I could update a server and its user interface, scripts that run on the server, and a documentation website on GitHub. All the associated files would be in one outline. The outline as a file system model. #
  • I use it all the time for every project I do. Here's a screen shot.#
  • It came together remarkable quickly in 2013, in Frontier. In the last few days I've rewritten the software to run in Electric Drummer. The codename for the product is Glorp. I'm actually kind of falling in love with the name. When I wrote the initial version in Frontier in 2013 it was just for me. I called it NodeEditor because it was initially conceived as a way of editing Node apps. It has outgrown that name, it does much more than that now. Glorp will do for now.#

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