It's even worse than it appears.
Today's song: Many Rivers to Cross.#
A big mea culpa. Yesterday I released a version of the OPML package that didn't work. There's a new version, that includes new example code illustrating how to use the new Markdown variant format for outline-based interop. #
What OS made you think computers were really cool inside. For me it was Unix in the late 70s. That's what really opened my eyes to how things could be both very powerful and very simple. #
I rarely listen to the Daily podcast but today I listened to one about the Omicron variant of Covid, and I don't think the person they interviewed really understood the science, or they were dumbing it down. How I miss Donald McNeil who used to tell it like it is. Too bad he said the n-word when talking about the n-word instead of saying literally n-word he said the word the n-word is standing in for. How tired is that. Think of all the things we have to fight for to just get back to where we were and this wasn't one of them. Such fools at the NY Times.#
Harry Truman: "I don't give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them, and they think it's Hell."#
The cable industry is just as responsible as Facebook for the garbage information people are getting. Both Facebook and Twitter remove the bad actors, why can't cable do the same. Even worse, we have to pay Fox money, even though we abhor what they do.#
  • It's interesting. #
  • People from the blogging world didn't necessarily pay attention to the podcasting world as it grew out of it. #
  • Same with the outlining world, even though outlines play a big role in blogs and podcasts. #
  • Podcasters mostly were not bloggers, or outliners. #
  • And most of the people who know me from outlining (all boomers and graybeards btw) had no idea that I went on to develop blogging and podcasting, even though they were natural outgrowths of outlining.#
  • All these things are connected. They really are.#
  • And no one seems to understand that there is a format that ties all this stuff together. And it's not RSS, although that's important too.#
  • There is a master plan! I kid you not. #

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