It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday January 16, 2022; 12:31 PM EST
  • Do I have anyone following me who is a political marketer? Is there such a thing. We need them now. The way you fight this, and it's getting late, is by demonstrating the opposite. Famous people of different races visibly doing things to help each other. [link]#
  • There's more to do. We should be wearing buttons, small ones, with MLK's image on it. People of all colors. Americans. Showing support for all of us, esp people whose ancestors were slaves. We have to urgently heal this huge wound.#
  • Another thing to do, we need to show each other that we are here, in great numbers. I don't like huge national marches, what I'd love more than anything is people showing their passion for voting. Not just in November, but every Sunday.#
  • Let's meet up at our polling places for coffee and a sandwich and good old political talk. Talk about what we want. Yes there will be trolls there. But let's hope we outnumber them. I think we will always outnumber them, but can we get out there and show it.#
  • And we need to use online advertising. Campaigns should NEVER GO OFF THE AIR. This a vestige of TV-based media, last generation. And they should raise money and pay for themselves. And speak with power, not powerlessness.#
  • We've lost the marketing war, with a Baby Huey type character as the other side's spokesperson. We have much better people, but we lack the political organization and understanding of how little time is left.#

Last update: Sunday January 16, 2022; 4:28 PM EST.

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