It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday January 18, 2022; 11:33 AM EST
  • As we're starting to test the Linux and Windows versions of Electric Drummer there have been some basic questions. I thought I should respond publicly so people understand what we're doing. #
    • Electric Drummer or E/D for short, is an app that runs on the desktop, hosted by its operating system. Like a word processor or a graphics program. It's most like Slack or the Atom editor, but it's Drummer, a multi-tab outliner for note-taking, organizing and publishing.#
    • It runs in Electron, a beautiful environment that makes cross-platform apps easier to create and manage. #
    • E/D saves files on your local file system as any desktop app does. #
    • It can also hook up to your web Drummer account for outlines that you want to make public. It's how I do Scripting News. The outline that I edit is on my local system,. It's also a public file, so it can be accessed by the CMS when I ask it to render my blog from the outline. The public file is stored in my web Drummer account. It's a nice combination.#
    • E/D is a scripting system, like web Drummer is. It will be able to access the local file system, and also will be able to run a server, none of which are possible from the web app. #
    • There is already a Mac version of E/D that has been available since October 10, when Drummer shipped. #
    • It's the same as web Drummer, a few commands work differently because it runs in a different place, but it's the same code, same outliner, same UI, same bugs (!), etc. #

Last update: Tuesday January 18, 2022; 5:01 PM EST.

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