It's even worse than it appears.
A new feature in Drummer with news of features and connections. #
  • Way back in 1986, my then-company Living Videotext shipped a product called MORE. #
  • We called it that because there was so much more in it than the earlier outliner, ThinkTank 512, we didn't have any idea which new feature, if any, would be the one that turned people on. #
  • We didn't have the luxury of picking among them because our company was on the verge of going out of business. We needed help from Apple to make it to shipping. They gave us a loan of $400K, and we put our source code in escrow in case the company failed, which looked like a real possibility. #
  • Well the product was an instant hit. And now, so many years later, I can tell you for sure which features made the difference -- tree charts and bullet charts. #
  • Here's what a MORE tree chart looked like:#
  • You'd edit an outline, click a button and boom a colorful tree chart would appear. Go back to the outline and make a change, view it again, and boom, the tree chart changed. Up till then color graphics, which were still very new to computers, was something for a priesthood. This was color graphics for thinkers. #
  • We sold a huge number of MOREs that year and in 1987 sold the company for a lot of money and I was able to go back to making software and stop being a CEO which was a good thing for me to do! :-)#
  • It's 2022 Dave#
  • OK so here we are, it's 2022, an unthinkable number of years later (36) and here we are again. We have a nice powerful outliner. Like MORE it can print (these days that means render as a blog), but where are the beautiful graphics? #
  • Here they are. A new Tree Chart viewer that hooks into Drummer very neatly. #
  • If you're a Drummer user, go have fun. I'm sure you'll love it. And if you use another kind of outliner, either give Drummer a try, or ask the people who make your outliner to have a look at Tree Chart (it's open source) and either adapt their outliner to work with Tree Chart (the better idea) or adapt Tree Chart to work with their outliner. #
  • As I said before, these days my product is interop. I made my fortune in the 80s, and I've invested well enough so that I don't need a hit product now. What I want to do is re-kindle the interest in computers used as thinking tools around common formats and protocols so it can grow like the open web, not so much like a silo. We've been down both roads and open is better for the users. And also for the vendors imho. #
  • The press is stuck in a rut. Everything is about Biden and the various horse races. But that isn't what matters. What matters is that we don't become a fascist country with slavery for Blacks, ovens for Jews and women turned into baby-producing handmaidens. Also a human-habitable planet would be nice. Focus on these things. This is what matters, not that random journalists earn a salary for flushing America down the toilet. #
  • I was watching Ari Melber last night. The only reason I didn't turn it off is because he had James Carville on. Melber is entertaining and sometimes interesting, but usually just repeats the same bullshit night after night all the while claiming to be a journalist. He's an entertainer. But Carville, while also very entertaining, actually has ideas that you don't hear all the time on cable and in the NYT etc. More Carville please. #
  • Here's what Carville says. #
    • The Dems are actually doing okay. #
    • They would do better if there were a few more Dems in the Senate, and also in the House. #
    • So the campaign, he says, should be about what they can do for us, workers, families. And they have quite a few things they want to do for us, so sell those things! Man, sometimes it's so simple when you get a clear thinker who doesn't have anything in particular to sell and doesn't give a shit if you like him (and we do like him, he's a coonass after all). #
    • Four more Senators and hold the House, and you can have it all. So we can do some very specific things for you.#
  • It's so logical. Get actors, great ones, who look like Democratic voters, and run ads that say what Carville says they should say, and let's have the slogan be something like this. You have the power, for real. Just vote, and we all win. Yeah it could be shorter. Use the last three words. We All Win. Come on, that's what it's about. I would give the max to fund such a campaign and so would a lot of people. The ads sell more ads. And the call to action is: Make a difference and vote. #
  • Run the same ad with different faces. Surprise us, have one with Stacey Abrams or Val Demings. Run it over and over. We all win. We all win. Over and over. Buttons, bumper stickers, flags, lawn signs. We all win everywhere all the time. Basketball games. Hockey games. Football, baseball. County fairs. #
  • Because we all want to feel we can do good. Maybe not all of us, but I suspect a lot of Trump voters while they may be racist (face it, we're a racist country, so you have to work really hard to not be racist) what they really want is this: To make a difference. Trump filled a vacuum, the Democrats while they care about us in the aggregate, never get that we are individuals and we want to make a difference. We all want to know there's something we can do to help us all win. If you want to win, Mr or Ms Democrat, you have to bring the people into your marketing. And then, if you want to keep governing and not be completely obstructed, you have to bring us into governing too. The mistake that Obama made was not bringing the people into his administration. McConnell and his fascist Federalists wouldn't have been able to stand up to him if he had us behind him. No Democrat should ever try to do that again (though Biden is doing it too). #
  • We all win. Tatoo that on your forehead.#

Last update: Sunday January 23, 2022; 9:52 AM EST.

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