It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday February 1, 2022; 7:49 AM EST
  • I'm sorry that the NYT bought Wordle.#
  • Part of its appeal was that it was a nice web app that had no scaling issues, written by a person who was happy not to be a billionaire, and everyone was loving it.#
  • Now that it's attached to the NYT, there's an element of hate there too.#
  • I thought maybe it would show the world that ordinary people who love their GF and want to make something nice for her and decides to share it with the world and retains his human-ness -- that software can be fun and doesn't have to be the usual hot mess of greed.#
  • BTW this is true, software is made by people, not icons, and I don't blame Mr Wordle for taking the money. I just hope he stays a nice person and doesn't get caught up in being more than a human being.#
  • See also: Your human-size life. #

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