It's even worse than it appears.
Today's song: Back in the USSR.#
I finished Season 1 of Raised By Wolves. It's definitely not a funny show, or especially fun. But it has held my attention. #
Here's my archive for 11/11/2011 and for 1/11/2011. Neither mentions the magic-ness of the date, like today's date: 2/22/2022.#
Twitter-to-RSS update: I think I'm going to wait and see what Twitter Articles are like before offering a service to create RSS feeds from tweet streams. I have the code working, but deploying and supporting it is a whole other story. I don't want to get in their way. Let's see what they have.#
If Twitter Articles is what it appears to be, Twitter is about to become a much more important part of the open web, assuming it's all accessible through the API in both directions (apps can post articles, as well as read them) and if it supports linking. It's very late, but better late than never, and in the future it'll mean that blogging tools such as the one I offer in Drummer, will be able to peer with Twitter without hacks. Yes, we'll probably have to give up some features, and if the API isn't there then that would kind of render the whole thing null and void, but all we've been asking for from Twitter et al is there in the screen shot. And if they need RSS support I'll be ready to provide it. #
I'm looking forward to a NYC art museum that has a room where you can smoke weed.#

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