It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday March 12, 2022; 10:41 AM EST
  • I wrote this piece in 2013, after Google Reader had its plug pulled. I'm guessing most people who read that piece have no idea what I'm talking about, because most don't think about online systems as defining a base of content they can move around. Think of it this way. Imagine if you couldn't fly into one city, you had to take a train, but to another city you had to fly, there was no train. The obvious thing would be to build a train route to the city without one, and do the same for air. #
  • Simply: Twitter says posts have no titles and Google said posts must have titles. #
  • But the online world has been so dysfunctional that here we are nine years later, and RSS readers still can't deal with Twitter style content. I see Twitter is advertising that they're going to open up. Then this is going to be a problem they have to deal with too. I also believe it can be solved. I've been using a reader that handles both kinds of posts since the advent of RSS, there to be copied by anyone who dared to look. #
  • Anyway... Maybe we can fix it.#

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