It's even worse than it appears..
Sunday April 17, 2022; 11:24 AM EDT
  • A rambling brain dump about Twitter and Musk.#
  • Self-moderation is going to be a huge deal. Maybe something like self-driving Teslas. Which the driver controls, btw. It isn't a passive thing. If a Musk company can do that, yeah I think they can give users more control over the bullshit they have to deal with on Twitter. The thing is Twitter has been stuck since 2006 when it started. They hired people to make the system run reliably, which is fantastic, hat's off, but it needs a few more things to be able to realizae its potential as a world-scale notification system for all kinds of networked writing. #
  • Maybe to make something workable you have to start something new, not in a half assed way.. Or maybe a no-bullshit capitalist like Musk can make it come about from the chaos of Twitter.#
  • Most people have no idea how software works and is made. #
  • A Twitter-like webservice at AWS. With better docs and a JavaScript API that doesn't require developer to run a server (big deal). Effortless install on Digital Ocean.#
  • Let a thousand Twitters bloom.#
  • Interop baked in from the beginning.#
  • Look, Elon made buying a car a completely online experience, moving around huge amounts of money and metal and an explosion in demand. Buying a Tesla was like buying a Mac in 1984 or an iPhone in 2007, except they're doing it 365 days a year for years. And buying a StarLink is just as easy and just as much of a sensation. If this is easy to do why do so few companies do it?#
  • BTW, if Musk was trying to buy my bank, I'd be all for it. That's how bad their software is. All banks have shit software, btw, near as I can tell. #
  • Seriously, if you think he can't run Twitter when he can run StarLink and Tesla, please. And why should Twitter be stuck in the mud like it has been since inception. It desperately needs some fixes, and at a minumum must be made easier to peer with. Developers can do all the work if they just add a few simple features that they probably already have implemented. #
  • I was an Apple dev in 1997 when Jobs came back. Musk is like Jobs in that he won't be scared to make the big changes that are needed. #
  • We're lucky a guy like Musk is hanging around and willing to take on this job. #
  • And as usual the journalists see a teeny little corner of the picture and are screaming about that. #

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