It's even worse than it appears..
Poll: Have you had Covid?#
I can’t believe reporters keep holding material evidence secret to promote their books. And other reporters let them slide. With glee. What a racket. #
We should just discount the president's approval rating down to zero and then we could view 39% as a historic high. But seriously folks, the president's approval rating is just how the news, as it's reported, bounces off the minds of the people the pollsters talk to. You could model it like they model weather reports, and tune up the news coverage to create any approval rating you want.#
A new season of Gentleman Jack is coming to HBO later this month. Great show. #
After reading this Wikipedia article I still don’t understand what “full stop” means. Instead of saying “full stop” couldn’t you just stop?#
I’m a lifetime Knicks fan, rooting for the Celtics proving life is weird.#
It'll be interesting to see if any fans show up in Brooklyn to support the Nets.#
The big problem isn't climate change, it's getting people to work together instead of just working for themselves. And to start working together we have to learn how to listen. It's hard, when we're raised to not listen.#
I watched a tiny bit of the French presidential debate yesterday and what struck me is how civil they were with each other, compared to US politics.#

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