It's even worse than it appears..
Sometimes you can spend an hour beating your head against the desk trying to figure why some perfect piece of code doesn't work. Or you can, after wasting the hour, go for a drive to get your car washed, and while you're driving back, figure out the bone-headed mistake you made. And sure enough when you get home, that was the mistake. You fix it, run the experiment again and it works. You write a blog post about it and then take the rest of the day off. #
Two new season 2's I'm going to watch. First, Russian Doll. I thought the first season was way overrated, but I liked the scenes from NYC, and I like the star, Natasha Lyonne from OITNB, so I'll give it another chance. And Gentleman Jack, whose first season I absolutely adored. I'm rewatching season one so I'll be ready when the new season starts on HBO on April 25. It's already started on BBC. And in just six days the new version of Wii Sports arrives for the Switch, so you know what I'll be doing in May, June, July and so on. #
  • I was kind of in favor of Musk running Twitter, but this disturbing image in a tweet changed my mind.#
    • Body shaming sucks. #
    • Gates is smart, a powerful person. I don't see why he'd want to blow him off like this.#
    • I don't want Musk having power over me, even though I guess he does already.#

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