It's even worse than it appears..
I watched a lot of news this evening. I forget who said this -- women do not want Ted Cruz controlling their bodies. I think that's compelling. I, too, would not want Ted Cruz anywhere near my body.#
An idea for a movie. Get a writer to transcribe the latest QAnon fiction, turn it into a screenplay. That's the story. I bet it would be a box office smash. I'm surprised Hollyood hasn't done this yet. #
People used to assume you have to make money from a blog, which is ridiculous. My blog did make me money but only incidentally, by making products of mine more famous, or helping establish standards that allowed me to build other products. But I never did this for the money, I pay money to do the blog. I do it because I have ideas that I want to get out there. It's worth it. #
I could save $0.24 a year if I switch to Spectrum. Hmm.#
Ukraine had to deal with what we're going through now. Their political system was undermined by Putinites, proclaiming their right to speak, but they were undermining their democracy like the Putinites here are today. They solved the problem by being hardcore about it. Free speech is not more important than survival of democracy. We will have to make that choice too, until we do, we'll be stuck where we are. #
I don't know how McCartney came up with the idea for this song, but I imagine he goes into a junk store and takes a look around. Then he goes home and writes a song about what he saw. "Candlesticks, building bricks, something old and new. Memories for you and me." #
  • It's time to do whatever you were sent here to do.#

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