It's even worse than it appears..
I saw a note from Jeff Jarvis to tune into to hear their commentary on Google I/O, so I went there, and saw a nerd talking about releasing Asahi Linux, and when the camera stepped back I saw this old dude (no other way to say it), white hair, classy glasses, and then I realized holy shit that's Doc Searls. I haven't seen him in a few years, and at this time in our respective lives people's appearances can change dramatically. He looked good but old, like Colonel Sanders. I think he got a stylist and I'm guessing the Colonel Sanders look is deliberate? I'm sure he'll tell me. Anyway the nerd is going on and on, and if that really is Doc, I can't imagine he knows what he's talking about, and why the hell should he. The guy was talking very fast about problems that I thought would have been solved long ago. This is 2022 after all. I guess that's just nature of computer stuff, we're always re-inventing things. I do it too. #
I wanted to ask a question on a local Facebook group about a construction project being done in town (the town the FB group covers). The admin rejected the question, suggesting I call the company. I find this sad and humorous at the same time. #
I would love to have a very simple XML viewer app. I have one that I don't like very much. The app would run in a web page or on a server (if so, must be a Node app). It takes a url parameter, displays the contents of the file, parsed and indented consistently, and uses the same display that GitHub uses to display code, though it doesn't need any of the GH features, just the appearance. Horizontal scrolling, not wrapping text. I would use it in my existing app, with credit of course. I need this because my work requires me to look at XML files. And as far as I know there isn't a great way to do that, and given all the XML that's out there (web pages are XML, RSS feeds are XML) it would make sense to solve this problem well, as a very useful upgrade to the user experience of the web. Comments/questions here. #

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